New world, new place.

Since I have done my studies at Penang, I went back to KL. Well, my mum asking me too. What a good son need to do? Follow what her mother say lor. So since that, I stayed at home for about 6 months by doing nothing except for holidays, lepaking, eating, and many more social activities. I like what i'm doing that time, freelance translator, but sometimes I do think I need to work seriously (like working in a big company some sort like that). Sampai lah 1 hari aku ditawarkan bekerja di sebuah syarikat Hiasan Dalaman. Amat menarik untuk aku lihat bidang ini, sebab aku ni bukan la berseni sangat pon, tapi minat tengok barang-barang seni, cantik-cantik gitu. Mula-mula masuk biasa lah ada kurang itu terlebih ini, but as time goes by, it is fine for me. With my good and very polite boss. There are so many projects regarding interior design that my company involve with. Can't tell for what project. Everything is secret here and there. So I respect for what i'm doing now. But my work is more to administration of the office. Im not involve with designing task like all of my office mate doing. But well, i'm happy with what i'm doing now. Glad to be here.


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